RPi Theremin

This is a quick-n-dirty "Theremin" daemon for use on the RaspberryPi.

It is designed to be used with a couple of these distance sensors.

Use 'raspi-config' to configure your default sound output (HDMI, 3.5", etc).

This is intended to be run from daemontools or runit. Quick setup as root:

# apt install ruby espeak fluidsynth runit
# gem install -Ng
# ln -s /etc/service /service
# ln -s /path/to/checkout/theremin /etc/service
# ln -s /path/to/checkout/fluidsynth /etc/service

For this project, there was an available Pi camera (v2). After enabling it in raspi-config, I also fired up 'motion' with the included configuration file, to capture people using the theremin and to say hello.

# apt install motion netcat sox
# systemctl (stop/disable/mask) motion   (running motion via runit, not systemd)
# ln -s /path/to/checkout/motion /etc/service
# (enable motion support in the config file, restart via `sv restart /service/theremin`)

It will save images for 2 weeks with the current motion.conf. Season to taste.

This was mounted on a mannequin named "Maude" (the bod), as a goofy/fun interactive instrument. You can see a video of the Pi in development here - if I get any footage of the mannequin in action later, I'll put that here as well.